5 Ways You Can Attract More Photography Clients

Attract More Photography Clients

This might seem obvious, but you should use every avenue available to promote your work. Whether you use social media or print advertising, you should focus on attracting your audience. You should be active on social media sites that your potential or current customer’s use, such as Facebook and Instagram, and interact with users who comment or engage with your content. You should also share your pages with your personal followers.

  1. Promote your work

    There are many tools available to increase traffic to your website. You’ll want to ensure your website is clean and easily navigable, and mobile-friendly. As well, you’ll need to optimize your website so it ranks higher on search engines compared to other local photographers in your area.

  1. Increase your website’s traffic

    Collaborating with other photographers and business owners in your area is a great way to network and access new clients. You could work with a local shop to offer promotions, throw a joint-event or request to hang your work in their business. Networking is crucial to growing any business, especially locally.

  1. Collaborate

    Offer your customer’s premium printing packages. Often, clients are looking for unique ways to hang and display memorable photos. You could offer acrylic, aluminum, art paper and wood panel printing. Acrylic prints enhance the colours and details of a photograph, while aluminum or metal prints produce a high-gloss finish. Wood panel printing offers a unique, durable print, while art paper offers many options – such as matte, lustre, metallic, and so on – and is a classic choice.

  1. Offer premium packages with quality canvas prints

    Offering discounts to loyal customers and followers, such as through a social media competition, will help to draw in new clients. As well, running a referral program will greatly increase your client base by offering discounts on services to friends of clients who were referred to your photography. It’s important to keep in mind that after offers or discounts should be temporary so as to not hinder your earnings.

  1. Offer discounts or start a referral program

    All of the above tips will help you to attract more photography clients and grow your business.Offering printing packages, discounts, promoting your work, increasing traffic to your website and collaborating with other local businesses are all ways to help you attract new customers.