Acrylic Printing Or Canvas Printing: Which Is A Better Choice?

Pros And Cons Of Acrylic And Canvas Printing


One of the biggest all-around benefits of opting for an acrylic print is that your photo, text, or image is going to look as brilliant as it possibly could. If you have ever been in someone's home or office and seen a photo that just took your breath away with its vibrancy and “wow” factor, there is a good chance that you were looking at an acrylic print.

There are two types of acrylic printing: direct printing and face mounting. Direct printing consists of images or text printed directly onto the acrylic, while face mounting involves printing the image onto paper and then mounting it onto acrylic afterwards. Face mounting is a more involved, more difficult process, and therefore a bit more costly than direct printing. It does, however, provide more “pop” and vibrancy and really utilizes the reflective qualities of the acrylic.

Acrylic has an unequaled ability to keep beams of light constantly reflected, meaning that your eye is able to really capture the true colours of the print. It also means that you are able to get a 3D effect from the photo. For this reason, face mounted acrylic is one of the most popular mediums among professional photographers.


Canvas printing has been around for quite some time, but recently methods for canvas printing have improved, using dye sublimation and inkjet printers. Canvas is able to create a more antique look on a print, resembling an oil painting, and many people like this style because of the sense of elegance that it adds. While certainly not as adept at creating sharp, contemporary imagery, the canvas gallery wrap is one of the most popular methods of presenting a photo because it is a lot less expensive than traditional framing and modern photo mounting.

Canvas is also highly respected for the frameless look that it is able to create, meaning that it is well suited to creating a lineless feel in any room. Canvas is also much cheaper than acrylic, by a large margin, so for people on a budget, canvas may be more attractive for this reason alone.

If you are unsure about what would look best where, how much money you are going to have to spend, or what material is best suited for your aesthetic purposes, keep the above information about canvas and acrylic in mind so you can select the best print medium for your home or office.