Care Advice For Canvas, Metal, And Acrylic Prints

Printed artwork doesn’t commonly come with care instructions. It might be assumed that art can’t be cleaned, for example. Different mediums have specific ways they should be handled and cared for, and it’s important to know how to protect your prints and increase their longevity.

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Canvas Prints

Avoid putting any weight or pressure onto any part of the canvas, while it is thick and good quality, the best canvas cannot withstand being repeatedly pressed on. Canvas can stretch and tear, so be sure to wrap it up adequately when transporting. Hold a stretched canvas piece at the frame near the stretcher bar.

Hang prints away from direct sunlight, as strong light will fade colours over time. Ask about a UV protecting spray to strengthen your print’s resolve against consistently harsh light.

Extreme temperatures and too much humidity can wear on your print.

If your canvas print gets too dusty, gently use a slightly damp, soft cloth to wipe it. Never use chemicals because they will damage and degrade the pigments and canvas itself. Don’t attempt to scratch dirt off with your fingernail or anything sharp, as this will permanently scratch the surface.

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Metal Prints

Like canvas, avoid handling your metal prints as much as possible, properly wrap them while transporting, and use soft materials. Fingerprints and smudges will appear on the surface if touched. Keep your print out of children’s reach, as they might be tempted to touch the brilliant colours.

To clean a metal photo print, use a streak-free solution using a soft cloth right on the smudges and fingerprints. If the whole print could use a wipe, begin in the centre and work outwards to push any grime to the edges. This will reduce the amount of solution and wiping needed, which should be minimal. Watered-down glass cleaner is a good solution and avoid using anything too harsh.

Acrylic Prints

Compressed air is a good way to clean the smooth, glassy surface of your acrylic print. Avoiding contact with the surface is best with acrylic to keep it looking flawless. An alternative choice is to apply a dry, soft sable brush to dust away any particles on the surface.

Cleaning products should be avoided on acrylic because they might end up doing the opposite – permanently depositing dirt into the surface layer of your print. Liquids aren’t advised on this medium, period.

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