Create Captivating Landscape Photos With These Tips

Beautiful landscape prints are a stunning highlight for any home. They capture feelings of serenity, connection to nature, and the beauty of a pure moment. Composing a complex and captivating shot takes planning beyond visiting a favourite spot and taking a few pictures. Let’s review some suggestions to help produce landscape photography and high quality prints that are worthy of nature.

If you’re planning on printing and presenting your image, seeing what options are available from our photo printing services selection during the planning stages can help. Thinking about which material you’ll choose, as well as the dimensions and display options, will help you with the composition.

Perhaps you have a special spot in mind to shoot, or maybe you’re planning to scout out some new areas. Think about what you’d like to feature: land, sky, or water? Making one or the others dominant in the shot creates a more thoughtful and focused composition. For example, if you locate rolling fields with textured contrasts and complex light and shadow playing among the wheat, having a large, bland sky dominate the photo is a bad idea. Do you want to show movement in your shot or stillness? Motion like wind blowing branches and leaves, water trickling down a stream, or wildlife passing by can add character to a scene.

One scene can look dramatically different based on the weather conditions. A nice day doesn’t necessarily mean the best photo, but it depends on the tone you’re after and the feelings you’d like to evoke. A hot, sunny day with a storm rolling in gives natural contrast and complexity to the sky and land below. You might want the weather, like fog or wind, to be the main character of the piece. Varied lighting and weather conditions is a great way to bring emotion to your scene. Time of day is also an important factor. Like taking sunsets? Try a sunrise. Experiment with the same location on various days and times and see what appears.

Capturing as much of the landscape with focus and clarity looks grander than choosing a close focal point with a huge, blurred background. When the whole depth of the scene is crisp, there is a better feel of being there. A smaller aperture will help achieve this. Compensate for less light hitting the image sensor by adjusting your shutter speed. For the layperson, try out the landscape and panorama settings on your camera. An undervalued tip for photography in general is looking at a wide range of photos and learning from other photographers. See what works and what doesn’t and find inspiration to get you started.

When you’re ready to print, the medium you choose makes a big difference. High quality materials and state-of-the-art printing techniques can bring your piece to new heights and depths. Both metal photo prints and acrylic photo prints are great materials for landscapes. They offer brilliant colour, depth, clarity, and look fantastic with a borderless display. At Print Partner, we offer retouching services, and our professional team of photographers and artisans are happy to give advice on which size, medium, and display options will work best for your gorgeous landscape.

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