Decorating Trends to Try in 2019

Maybe you consistently keep up with design trends and update your home, or perhaps your spaces could use a little sprucing up with a highlight here or a new piece of art there. Each year has its new trends that are adaptable to your personal tastes, like colour schemes, materials, textures, and styles of furniture. The new year is the perfect time to think about some long-term projects and goals, and it’s also prime time for decorating ideas to get started on right away!

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Check out the following decorating and design trends for 2019.

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Apartment Therapy is excited about:

Bold Colours. Neutral minimalism fades further into the background and stand-out shades are taking over. Embrace maximalist designs with a mix of bold patterns and unique textures that run the gamut of pigments. Call-backs to other eras will naturally emerge with a mixing of familiar shades in new places.

Mixed Metals. Add a little more metal in your décor with highlight pieces made of brass, iron, retro tin- or gold-plated. What’s new about metal pieces is mixing types with different textiles this year. Give your ceiling a mosaic look with old-fashioned patterns imprinted into the occasional tin-plated tiles. Contrast velvet, wool, or cashmere with polished metal in the living room or bedroom.

Designers share some ideas with Elle Décor:

Sustainability. Wasteful and even toxic materials are out and 2019 is about green decorating. Hand made and crafted items from sustainable materials like jute, rice paper, clay, cork, bamboo, plus repurposed and upcycled pieces that are totally original are getting people excited. 

decorating tips

Black Bathrooms. And other dark shades are making the bathroom more of a high-end spa experience and feel. Contrast with white porcelain fixtures and perhaps a boldly-coloured planter in the corner.

Pros tell Refinery 29 these trends will be big:

Glossy Walls. High-gloss paint in striking colours like scarlet, emerald green, or violet make a ‘jewelry box’ effect that looks great in any room. Be sure to get quality brushes or a professional to take care of glossing up the place because it can get streaky or show flaws. If you want just a touch of gloss for your wall, our photo prints can be printed onto acrylic as well.

Gallery Style. Collect and create art of any style you want, in a mix of mediums and sizes, and display them together in mosaics and arranged photo sets. Mix mediums like metal, acrylic, canvas, and professional photo papers. A mix of frames and borderless prints mash-up the presentation even more for a totally unique look.

Our knowledgeable Print Partner staff is here to help you select the perfect size and medium for your original images and art pieces. You can get in touch to learn more any time.