Digital Painting On Quality Canvas Creates A Classic Look

The wide selection of digital art and painting software available at multiple price points makes it easy for anyone to get into this modern art style. With a selection of unique and often customizable sets of brushes, effects, and settings, artists can achieve just about any desired look. Digital painters can mimic the appearance of traditional oil and acrylic paints, replicating realistic strokes, colour mixing, blending, and layering. Traditional painting techniques done digitally and then professionally printed onto a high-quality canvas creates a beautiful, classic work of art.  

Software enables artists to go through similar steps as brush and canvas painters. Using a stylus, an initial form can be sketched onto a blank canvas on the screen. The advantage of digital is being able to erase and start over without leaving too many smudges or wear on a real canvas’s surface. There is also the added benefit of tracing a removable, layered photograph or other image source, while a traditional artist needs to use their trained eye. Painters can then add the under-painting, layer colours and saturation, and add more specific shapes and details layer by layer. Digital also allows the finishing touches to be more easily refined and detailed with the ability to zoom in extremely closely. Traditional painters need to rely on a steady, delicate hand. Hybrid painters combine the two methods by creating a digital sketch or the first few steps and then printing onto canvas where they continue with real brushes.

With Print Partner, you can create a photo canvas using your digital masterpiece and our high-quality canvas wraps. They are of gallery standard and are fully customizable with a 100% colour matching guarantee. Reproductions are printed onto 450 gsm heavyweight satin canvas and hand stretched onto our superior, Canadian kiln dried, solid hardwood frame. Each frame is custom-fitted to your specifications. Our wraps won’t fade or alter your image. Larger canvases are supported by a back stretcher bar to prevent sagging over time. Finish your piece and ready it for display with a float frame, selecting from a variety of options.

At Print Partner we use the finest materials to create archival, quality, handcrafted works of art by professional artists, photographers, and designers. We offer a variety of mediums to choose from beyond canvas, including acrylic, metal, framed under glass, and a selection of high-end photo papers. Our techniques and equipment are the best in the industry and the colour, clarity, detail, and durability of finished pieces is second to none. Your digital painting on our canvas prints will have outstanding, sharp resolution and colour density with a fine semi-matte finish.

Our process is easy. You start by uploading your photos using our online portal. Then select your print size and choose your medium and style options for display. Our team of artisans and photographers know how to maximize the potential of your digital image and reproduce it beautifully onto your chosen material. Whether you’re a professional artist, publisher, graphic designer, or enthusiast, Print Partner will work with you to create a masterpiece.

Many styles of images including photography look great printed onto canvas, or your digital art that masterfully mimics oil or acrylic can take on modern, vibrant dimension when printed onto metallic, acrylic, or glossy surfaces instead.