Get Started Selling Your Art With These Basics

If you’re a new photographer or artist looking to sell your work, here are some basics to get you started.

A local art festival or other outdoor event where you can set up a small booth or section to display your art is a good way to get exposure if not make a lot of sales. You will find some who are willing to purchase when they visit, but most people won’t be looking to cart around a medium or large art print the rest of the day. Instead, take this as an opportunity to showcase your style, shake hands, and hand out business cards featuring your portfolio and website.

Make sure to access high-quality photo printing services in Canada like Print Partner’s to display your works on many different mediums and sizes to suit different customer styles and budgets.

Another good grassroots way to spread the word is to create attractive postcards with a couple example images along with your contact info. Ask local businesses who are in-line with your style if you can leave a small stack on their counter. You might even be able to display on their walls.

Accessing make-your-own website and online vendor apps and platforms like Shopify is a great way to create a site that fits your style, is clean, accessible, and allows potential customers to easily browse all you have to offer. It’s easy to create galleries of high-quality digital images of your work. Display good quality smaller scale images but not the full-sized files to prevent theft. Etsy is another great platform with a built-in audience.

There are a few format options for purchase, i.e., physical vs. digital. At Print Partner, we’re happy to receive a file from artists, print it with the selected specifications, and professionally pack and deliver the finished piece to the buyer. Pieces can be printed onto mediums like beautiful metal prints or acrylic and have them properly packed and carefully shipped. Customers could also buy the rights to the digital file and have it printed themselves. Handing over a digital file means it could be used in prohibited ways.

As for promoting your artwork, Instagram is where you need to be. Fill your feed with a good number of images before putting in the grassroots work of building followers so there is a small collection to see. Then choose a regular posting schedule to roll out the rest of your work, old and new. Research which hashtags are appropriate to use for your style, content, and type of customer you’re interested in reaching.

Spend time looking at other artists’ and photographers’ work, heart and comment on their stuff, too. It’s best to become a part of a community to build a fan base rather than only posting, outputting, and expecting followers to magically flock to you. Set-up your feed to share to Facebook and Twitter when you create a new post to spread it further.

Consider taking commissions. You can create a larger customer base if you’re willing to create pieces specifically for people based on their desires. Someone may love your style but you don’t quite have what they’re after for their living room wall or for a personal gift. At Print Partner, we’re happy to suggest the right medium, sizes, and presentations to suit their needs, so contact us to learn more about your options and let us know what your customer is looking for.