Gift Ideas For Photographers

The holidays are on the horizon and those with photographers in their lives might be scratching their heads about what they can give as a gift that’s related to and supports their passion. You might not have the budget for the best camera on their wish list, but here are several suggestions for product types and specific items that will have them smiling.

A Beautiful Photo Print

At Print Partner, we offer boutique online photo printing services across Canada to turn photographs and digital art into museum-grade quality pieces in several mediums. As a gift, you could offer to turn one of their favourite shots into a vibrant metal print or into a stunning, borderless, acrylic piece. We also create the best canvas prints in Canada of archival quality and a wide selection of photo papers with luxurious finishes. offers these suggestions collected from photographers and editors for gift:

Camera Bag

Upgrade their camera bag to something stylish that is durable, weather-resistant, and doesn’t look like a boring old camera bag. Lightweight bags are extra nice for slinging all that heavy equipment around. Consider a comfortable backpack or an over-the-shoulder style that is ergonomically designed.

Camera Strap

Camera straps are often made to be functional and not cool. But there are companies out there who realize artists want to express their style through their camera strap, too. Look for straps of high quality that won’t stretch, snap, or break easily.

Memory Cards

This is a less expensive idea and something that photographers always need and can use more of. Look for fast cards that are suitable for cameras. If you want a little something more, you can find a memory card case to put them in, too.

black and white photo

Black & White Disposable Camera

Photographers don’t always want to take their expensive gear everywhere they go. These unique, stylistic cameras take nice photos and it won’t be the end of the world if they’re dropped.

Books & Subscriptions

Coffee table photography and art books featuring a theme or an artist that your loved one admires is a classic gift. A year subscription to a contemporary photography, art, or other inspiring subject magazines also offers inspiration the old-fashioned way. Plus, getting something in the mail is exciting!

Photolemur shares some of their ideas for that hard-to-buy-for photographer in your life:

Instant Lab Universal

Takes photos from your phone and instantly prints them. It works with iPhone and Android devices.

Telephoto Lens for iPad

Superpowers an iPad to take pictures farther with an external lens that attaches to the tablet.

Ring Light

A ring flash that fits many common DSLR cameras. It’s a circular flash that fits around the lens of a camera. It provides ample, even light, and few shadows. It is excellent for close-up and macro photography.

External Hard Drive

Another practical gift that a photographer who needs lots of storage will appreciate.

Light Painting Tool

This is an LED light source that, when used with a long exposure, can create shapes and artistic designs out of coloured light.

Portable Charger

Incredibly handy for long shoots and travel, a portable charger will allow for a camera recharge on-the-go when an outlet isn’t available.

Protective Camera Case

Coming in varieties that are either waterproof, hardy and protective or both, these cases will protect cameras used outside and on the move.

Digital Picture Frame

Displays a series of digital photos suitable for a side table or mantelpiece at home or in the office.

Our staff is happy to advise you on any of our online printing services and products like canvas or metal prints to make your gift of a fine art print truly special. Our online portal is easy to use to upload your file and select the medium, size, and presentation options. Contact us with any of your questions.