How To Choose The Best Finish For Your Photos

Tips For Choosing The Best Finish For Photos

Glossy finishes highlight technique

One of the leading benefits of choosing a glossy finish for your pictures is that the finish helps illustrate your techniques in clearer detail. The glossy finish helps the viewer see the smallest nuances within the framing of the picture to provide a clear insight into the subject and your artistic intention. However, if you’re looking to achieve a more seamless appeal from your photos, you may wish to choose another option. Some exhibits benefit from having the artist’s technical elements obscured while retaining a simple focus on the subject.

Matte photos offer durability

While glossy photos can provide a clear sense of photographic details, they do tend to be less durable than other options. This means that you’ll have to be exceptionally careful in organizing transportation for your photos from the studio to the exhibit space. Matte photos provide a more polished look than glossy finishes, and may be suited to photos in which the goal is to exude professionalism over artistry. The finish might also be preferred for panoramic pictures, as they can help to limit the reflection of light and disperse the lighting more evenly across the material surface. Matte photos should also be chosen when the photos will be handled, as the matte finish is less prone to scratching than other finish styles.

Semi-gloss can offer a fine balance

In some cases, your photos may benefit from a semi-gloss finish. A semi-gloss photo is reflective enough to highlight the technical elements of the photo without detracting from the viewing experience. Some of the newest semi-gloss finishing products are even matching the high gloss options for colour vibrancy while retaining their limited reflectivity. For photos with high-end, rich colouring, this style of finish could be considered the best option.

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