How To Choose The Right Photo Paper

Choose The Right Photo Paper

The finish

You should first decide on the finish you want for your print:

  • Fine art: This paper is 100% cotton and acid free. Fine art photo paper is best for reproduced art or fine art. Details and colours stand out on this paper’s smooth white surface.
  • Luster or Satin: This paper is durable and thicker, and doesn’t reflect glare or show fingerprints. This paper is best if you’re looking for more realistic colours and greater contrast.
  • Baryta: This paper is best if you’re looking for image sharpness and black density.
  • Satin Poster: This paper is best if you’re looking to print high-quality art at a low cost.
  • Metallic: This photo paper is best for portraits or commercial displays. The result is a vibrant finish that is resistant to scratching.
  • Gloss: This is best for detailed landscapes and scenic photos, as well as product photography.
  • Matte: This is best for posters and fine-art reproductions.


Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing your photo paper. A thicker paper will last longer and stand up against elements better than thinner paper. You can measure the longevity of your print by how long it maintains it’s colours, details and quality without warping.


If colour is a major component of your photography, opacity is a key consideration in your photo paper decision. The brightness and accuracy of your photograph’s colours is determined by the whiteness of the paper. However, you should be aware of whitening agents sometimes used in photo paper, as these will degrade the print’s quality quickly over time.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the photo paper that best suits your print. Going to an experienced print provider will help you to achieve the best quality. Paper should enhance your image, not degrade it over time. Keep the above information in mind before you print your next photograph.