How To Maintain Your Metal Print

Maintaining A Metal Print

Never place it face down. Placing a metal print face down, especially on a hard surface, will likely scratch and distort the image. Over time, the more you place it face down, the less and less you will see of the original image in the metal and it will begin to look low quality.

Don't over clean. The best way to clean a metal print is to gently wipe it with a soft, dry microfibre cloth. Never use any cleaning agents or solvents on it. If you need to use a wet cloth, wet it only with water and try to avoid putting it in contact with any moisture whenever you can.

Don't place a spotlight on the image. It is not advisable to use a spotlight to enhance the viewing of your print because, over time, spotlights tend to wash out the image, making it appear old and faded. It's best to use a light dimmer or natural lighting to bring out the best in your metal print.

Display your prints with care. If you have the edges of the print in constant contact with anything else, especially a hard surface, the corners of the photo will wear out over time and you will lose valuable surface area of the print, and important aspects of the photo will disappear. It's a good idea to maintain some distance around your metal print and any other objects or picture frames that you might have displayed.

Take care not to drop the print. Dropping a print will cause it to become dented, or even worse, snap completely in half. Unalloyed aluminum is not the strongest metal, which is exactly what makes it great for printing on, but it also means that it is extra delicate and needs to be handled with care. When transporting metal prints, whether during a move, or if you are giving them as a gift, wrapping them in bubble wrap is always a good idea.

Metal prints are great ways to really bring photos to life, but, as with anything that requires cutting edge technology to produce, there are some care instructions that go along with the finished product that you will need to follow to get the most out of your investment. Keep the above maintenance tips for metal prints in mind to ensure you have your metal print around to enjoy for a long time to come.