Macrophotography Creates Unique And Fascinating Prints

Macrophotography and Microphotography points the lens at tiny detailed subjects and opens our eyes to a small world that we can’t normally perceive. These terms are commonly interchangeable, and camera companies will use both macro and micro in their branding when talking about macro lenses. This style of photography includes such fascinating images as an insect’s iridescent, segmented eyes, perfectly-formed water droplets breaking surface tension, or the intricate veining on leaves and petals. All forms of close-up photography can be used to create stunning art prints, especially for those who love nature, as these subjects are curious, unique, and can have a bizarre beauty in their hidden organic designs. Shooting these images takes a bit of extra knowledge and equipment, and it’s well worth the investment to learn.

Print Partner offers boutique online printing services in Canada for professional photographers and hobbyists who want to turn their images into gorgeous, archival quality prints that are unsurpassed in the industry. Macro, micro, and close-up photography photos look stunning printed onto metal, acrylic, canvas, or one of our many fine art papers with a full spectrum of finishes.

The Digital Photography School outlines some beginner tips for those new to macro and micro images. Today’s digital DSLR camera makes capturing these small subjects easy compared to the days of film. Most, if not all, digital cameras have a macro mode, sometimes found in the viewfinder menu. However, activating this mode loses control over the lens aperture and shutter speed. Quality and fine-detailed macro shots necessitate the smallest lens aperture for increased sharpness and depth of field. Therefore, more light is required to accommodate the small lens aperture – so there needs to be an increased exposure time. Many macro modes don’t allow you to change these settings once selected. Others will, so check your manual in case it’s not obvious.

Professional photographers need to make specific adjustments beyond a mode selection to achieve the best detail possible. A macro lens can be purchased to help with enhanced capabilities. These lenses also help eliminate colour fringing and optical distortion. Photography Life has a great feature with more information on how macro photography works and how to achieve the best results for those just starting to dip their toes into the deep, close-up photography pool.

Macro images look spectacular printed onto high quality materials in large sizes. Print Partner’s metal photo prints are created with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment that uses a unique sublimation process. Our rich dyes are infused into the specially-coated metal prints for amazing image clarity, resolution, and brilliant colours. They’re also extra durable, scratch-resistant, and resistant to fading and other wear. Our recessed back mounts offer a sleek, modern presentation that is museum and gallery quality. You can order metal prints online directly from our easy-to-use web portal.  

Other great choices for all types of images are acrylic and professional fine art papers. And if you’re looking for online canvas prints in Canada our fine canvas with our special in-house finish offers a clean and classic look equally suitable for the home or an art show. 

Print Partner goes beyond the generic, automated quality of big box outlet prints. Our work is handcrafted by photographers and artists who know how to translate a digital image to a full range of quality mediums, finishes, and presentation options. We can assist by flagging any problem areas and help enhance the beauty and quality of your finished work.