Metal Prints Produce Stunning Detailed Works Of Art

Print Partner’s Metal Photo Print process infuses the dyes into specially-coated, precision cut aluminium using a state-of-the-art heat press. You can turn your photos into metal works of art with our unique sublimation process which results in strikingly beautiful works of art with clarity, vibrancy, and outstanding resolution quality. Sublimation is the transference of a solid into a gas without becoming a liquid in-between. During dye sublimation, high temperature and pressure is used with high quality ink that bonds with the metal, becoming a part of its structure.

Nature scenes are bright and crisp, portraits are warm and clear, and a full spectrum of colours pop in art works of any size. Finished pieces are scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, and durable, resulting in the best quality metal prints on the market. They’re also water-resistant and easy to clean. Other printers may lay images on top of the metal surface which can result in scratches and prints that easily damage over time. We can print larger works of art that maintain their quality, no matter the size or finish.

Our Metal Photo Prints are available in 8”x 8” up to 40”x 60” and we can also accommodate custom sizing. Finishes include Gloss White or Matte White. Gloss White makes colours pop with a vibrant depth topped with a high gloss coating, perfect for any style of image. Matte White is a rich, smooth finish with subtlety and is perfect for any image where reflection is an issue, i.e., portraits. Each print also comes with a ready-to-display framed, mounted back, so your work of art is ready to showcase immediately.

Our recommendation at Print Partner digital and fine art printing services is to use the highest resolution images possible for metal printing. Because the colours are so accurate and vibrant, and the infusion process allows all details to be ingrained right into the aluminum, any blur or pixelated characteristics will show.

Print Partner Inc. is a boutique, custom, fine art printing company. Our staff are photographers, artisans, and craftspeople who know how to translate digital images into any medium. We handcraft beautiful reproductions by the novice and the professional photographic communities, graphic artists, and other visual artists, using archival quality techniques on various mediums, with a wide range of finishes, sizes, and mounting options. Ask our expert customer service representatives about discounts for professional photographers and how we can print your art and photography to create elegant displays. Check out the FAQs about our printing services and contact us any time to learn about our range of top quality options for fine art and photographs.