New Year’s Goals for Photographers

The year is coming to a close, and a new one is on the horizon. It’s a natural time to take stock of what has been and to ponder what’s to come. For photographers and other artists, personal and professional goals tend to blend together, as creating art, even when it’s for a client, comes from inspiration within. It’s a great time to sit, reflect, and plan on what your professional, practical, and artistic goals are for the coming year.

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Find ideas below to help focus your thoughts on your photography goals as we soon say hello to 2019.

new year goals for photographers

Take stock of what you’ve accomplished   

A good way to get into the right mindset for setting goals and making plans is to think about what you’ve recently accomplished. What did you succeed in doing? Did you meet your goals? Do you feel you fell short? There is a danger in focusing on the negative aspects of the past, but if you balance the recognition of hits and misses, and shift seeing the latter as failures to picturing them as re-established goals, then you won’t get bogged down by guilt. Also, you may have missed the target on a few projects because your priorities changed – and that’s totally acceptable!

Set new goals

Think of a few primary objectives you’d like to accomplish. This could be learning something new, saving up for a new piece of equipment or accessory, achieving a sales or client milestone, or creating something personal. Though you have a whole year ahead of you, try not to set too many goals. It’s difficult to judge what you’ll have time for and what setbacks you might encounter.

Try something new

Be it subjects, techniques, modes, equipment, printing materials. Trying something new feels good. You learn more about what you like, don’t like, and expand your skill set.

Protect your work

Take advantage of current technologies to properly back-up your work. Cloud storage is secure, flexible, and allows for easy remote access. If you feel uneasy about having all your work on a virtual server, keep double back-ups on hard drives. Be diligent about always backing up everything you create!

Keep up-to-date with the laws and rules related to intellectual property and photography. Know how to protect your work and art, and how to prevent your own accidental misuse of others’ property.

Get exposure

Millennial photographers know the value of a digital presence and brand online, and these days, it’s not too difficult for everyone to get on board.

Posting your work on Instagram is a great way to start. You can make an online portfolio easily with a platform like Squarespace for a small monthly fee, or create a free site using WordPress (but with more of a learning curve). Have your art professionally printed at Print Partner and ask local businesses to display it. Create businesses cards with your social media and portfolio links. Participate in a local festival or art show as a vendor.

We’re here when you’re ready to turn your beautiful photos into stunning prints. You can check out our canvas prints and other options on our site, and ask us questions about the process any time, this year, or next!