Selecting Display Options For Your Artwork

The material onto which a work of art or photograph is printed will often dictate which final display options look best, such as backing, a traditional frame, borderless, or a stretched canvas. Your desired overall impression could be traditional, classic, contemporary, or even an experimental look. Not every image looks right with a frame, while others can benefit from sleek, strategic dividing lines that create separation from the surface against which it hangs.

Our experts can help you select the best option to maximize the presentation. Print Partner offers boutique professional online photo printing services and creates handcrafted, archival quality prints, made by a team of artists and photographers. We offer several finishing and display options based on the medium that will maximize the impression you seek.

You can turn your photo into a canvas with outstanding image clarity and sharp details. Canvases can be presented in two ways: a stretched option or a wood float frame. The former is hand-stretched onto Canadian kiln dried solid wood, ensuring your print will not warp or sag over time. Stretched canvases have the image wrapped around all sides, giving a full, 3D look, or they can be left with a blank white border on the sides. This look is clean, free, and simple, allowing the image to stand alone and speak for itself. A stretched canvas can also have a frame added to it later, if needed.

Our wood float frames are solid, high quality hardwood, with a custom hand cut to perfectly fit your artwork. There is a selection of five shades. This housing encloses your canvas but allows it to ‘float’ gently, separated from the frame. This option allows for a more traditional presentation but with a contemporary twist. This style of frame gives separation between the image and the wall without constricting the picture with a tight border.

For our acrylic medium, each image is printed onto high-end photo paper with a metallic or gloss finish. The image is mounted onto a thin framing grade acrylic with a UV coating that protects the piece from wear. We offer a choice of two protective backs, Premium Aluminum DiBond or Standard Black PVC Sintra. A hidden, recessed frame is added to the back for a ready-to-display mount that gives the illusion of floating out from the wall. The DiBond option is archival aluminum composite offering durability with a refined look and feel. The Sintra option is an acid-free PVC back suitable for archival mounting. Frames are not recommended for acrylic prints because of their modern, reflective surfaces that look clean and vibrant on their own.

Our high quality metal prints are made with a sublimation process that infuses the image into a specially coated, precision, custom cut aluminum sheet. The effect is brilliant, intense, HD quality artworks that are extremely durable, scratch-, water-, and fade-resistant. We recommend our recessed back mounts that come with each metal print. Like acrylic, a matte border or frame would inhibit the contemporary, brilliant, deep pigments of our metal prints. A borderless metal print makes a bold statement that speaks for itself.

For portraits, scenery, and still life, our framed under glass prints are beautiful and classic for the home. They include a white archival matte and are framed with a choice from 15 mouldings. The standard border size is 2” up to a print size of 16”x 24” or 3” for larger prints. Please note the matte will overlap slightly on every side (by approx. 1/8”). 

Our team is dedicated to helping professional artists and enthusiasts to print and display their work using the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, and display options.