Six Tips For Enhancing Detail In Your Photos

Tips For Enhancing Detail In Your Photos

  1. Straighten the skyline
    When you have perspective on a photo, the details will pop. When the horizon is slanted, the eye will be drawn to it and the details will be lost. The best way to get perspective is to ensure that the skyline is straight. Correct a slanted horizon using the rotate tool. Re-align the scene until the horizon is even.

  2. Remove red-eye
    No matter what details you want viewers to see in your photo, our eyes will be drawn to our eyes first, especially when they are red. When the flash is reflected off the back of our eye, it glows. Unless you’re taking photos for a horror movie, remove red-eye from your picture otherwise the details will get lost. Most cameras and Smartphones have a red-eye removal tool you can take advantage of as soon as you’ve snapped your photo.

  3. Create a sharper image
    To make your picture appear crisp, sharpen it. Sharpening your photo will make it look better focused and enhance even the smallest detail.

  4. Canvas photo printing
    When you have your image printed on canvas, you get clarity and enhanced details. Because canvas photo printing allows for great resolution, the pictures you take will always be clear and the details sharp. Also, canvas printing uses a fine semi-matte finish and thick two-over-one Oxford weave pattern that leaves the photo smooth to the touch. Finally, canvas photo printing can be done in any length with sizes up to 58” wide.

  5. Fine art photo paper
    Besides canvas photo printing, using fine art photo paper for your pictures can also enhance their detail. With fine art photo paper you can choose from enhanced matte, supreme gloss, luster, satin, metallic and Baryta professional photographic paper. Each type will make your image pop and augment the details.

  6. Print on acrylic
    Besides fine art photo paper and canvas photo printing, acrylic offers a brilliant image display. Acrylic prints reflect light to enrich the details of your photograph and use a clean, vibrant glass-like surface that augments the colours too.