Spark Your Creativity For Photography Subjects And Styles

You’ve got your camera and the know-how. But what should you take pictures of? We’ve got you covered for some inspirational ideas below.

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Here are some ideas that can be used to inspire creativity and direction for photographic subjects, themes, and motifs.

  • Create a photo set according to an abstract theme like wisdom, love, nature, creativity, or hardship. Select subjects known or unknown performing daily activities like a budding chef working and sweating in a kitchen, a mother quietly feeding her child, a young girl writing ideas in her notebook, or a man offering someone on the street some help. Capture multiple subjects, individuals, objects, or scenes, that suit the theme and print the set to be displayed together.
  • Select a spot and a perspective and take photos representing all seasons and weather.
  • Take candid shots of two people who aren’t a romantic couple but represent a duality in another relationship: a father and daughter, different pairings of siblings, a student and a teacher, an aunt and her nephew. Consider more tense relationships like a protestor and a police officer or two strangers having a disagreement.
  • Try close-up photography or macro photography on a variety of objects – typical and not. Patterns in nature, of animals and insects, patterns and textures that are part of an urban landscape, architecture, parts of the body, mundane objects used in every day life made from contrasting materials.
  • Capture the elements. Fire (campfire, candles, light and shadow, spinning fire or sparklers); Water (macro water droplets, unique icicle formations, streaming tributaries); Air (the wind blowing through the trees and whipping up leaves, objects blowing down a city street; people being swept up and surprised by a gust); Earth (dig into the deep, dark earth, plants and flowers, children playing in the mud).

fire dancer at night

  • Try out panorama mode in atypical places: urban scapes, indoors, or a wide-open barren landscape.
  • Feature a range of weather and how it interacts and affects the environment: fog, a hail storm, sunlight in the rain. Take safety precautions during storms!
  • Catch a vibe that represents a typical yet nostalgic part of daily life. A quiet weekend morning with coffee and a book. Getting ready to go out together with friends. A cozy and romantic movie night with blankets and popcorn. Capture the objects in these scenarios and the people.
  • Leave your element and explore a place you don’t normally go. The city, a karate dojo, a ballet class, a small town intersection, or inside a particular place of work.
  • Shoot in modes that don’t immediately come to mind like nature in black and white or an HDR action shot.

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