Tips for Creating Fantastic Winter Photos

Though the weather may be nicer to shoot in other seasons, winter can provide many opportunities for incredible nature photography. The cold can pose some challenges, but if you’re prepared, the images you can capture are well worth it.

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Here are some tips, including many from the Digital Photography School on how to prepare for a winter photo shoot:

  • Plan out your locations and shots ahead of time and reduce your time in the freezing cold
  • Dress warmly and wear layers so if it’s warmer than expected you can remove one
  • Check the weather report for storms – a light snow can be a nice feature, however
  • Wear gloves to allow for finger movement and minimal removal
  • Wear a cowl or scarf that you can place over your mouth to restrict the breath that can form condensation and ice on your camera from the moisture and heat
  • Hold your breath when you’re taking the shot
  • Slow the transition of taking a warm camera into the cold air by slowing uncovering it – condensation will form more quickly if you suddenly remove it
  • Cold batteries drain faster, so keep the battery itself warm and place it in the camera right before you need it
  • Bring extra batteries
  • Bring a waterproof camera bag and towels

winter photos

What types of locations and subject matter make for great winter photos? Here’s some ideas for inspiration:

  • landscapes with or without people: forests, farmland, mountain terrain, bodies of water, city streets, country roads, day or night shots
  • strange or unique ice formations
  • people or pets playing in the snow
  • close-up photography of ice and snowflakes
  • Christmas lights
  • winter sunsets or sunrises
  • a contrast of place and season: a winter beach, up at the lake, empty city streets, playgrounds
  • weather as the feature: blowing snow and wind, fog, gently falling snow, sunny days
  • holiday portraits or locations
  • winter sports and action shots

This handy article from Lifewire can help with the technical issues associated with a winter shoot, like proper white balance, dealing with dull and cloudy days, and exposure with bright sun and snow. Plus, it points out the benefits of plenty of light for action shots and embracing blurry, moving snow.

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