Tips To Care For Your Canvas Print

Care For Your Canvas Print


Avoid placing your canvas print where direct sunlight will hit it for extended periods of time. Over time, direct sunlight will fade the colours of your print. Some sunlight is fine, but direct sunlight will alter the canvas quality over time.

However, sunlight isn’t the only environmental factor to look out for when hanging your canvas print. Extremely low or high temperatures, as well as high humidity, can change the quality of the fabric and stretcher bars. You should not place your canvas print above a heater or air conditioner or close to stovetops.


Your canvas print doesn’t require a significant amount of cleaning, however it would be beneficial for the print’s quality to do regular dusting. This will also increase the longevity of the canvas. Dust can be removed regularly using a soft dust cloth or a slightly-damp cloth, such as cotton or microfibre. Don’t apply too much pressure and avoid using harsh household cleaners that might damage the print.


There are several tips to keep in mind when storing your canvas print. The fabric of a canvas print is flexible, and any heavy objects placed on top could damage the canvas. Store your canvas print vertically, and wrap it in paper, plastic or bubble wrap. As well, ensure you’ve stored your canvas print in an area that won’t reach extreme temperatures or high humidity.

Caring for your canvas print is a crucial part of ensuring the longevity of this piece of art. However, the most important step to caring for your canvas is to choose the best print provider who offers the highest quality canvas that won’t fade or alter your art over time, as well as being acid free. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you’re caring for your canvas print correctly.