Tips To Prepare Your Gallery Exhibition

Preparing Your Gallery Exhibition

Consider the red tape

One important part of setting up your gallery exhibition is to consider the administrative elements of the process. Among other processes, you may choose to purchase event insurance, schedule assistants to help transport the artwork, and consider security services for the day. Make sure you speak with others in the industry about these requirements so you don’t get a surprise later in the process.

Browse studios

When reviewing studios in the area, choose a location that is thematically linked to your work. For example, if you use dark themes within your work, a cozy office space is unlikely to bring out the best from your exhibition. There are many different types of venues in which to host an exhibit, including libraries, cafes, restaurants, or a friend’s home. But consider the convenience for visitors and the potential size of your audience when making your decision.

Promote the exhibition

Promotion is one of the more difficult challenges for many artists. It’s important to consider the size of the event when reviewing promotional options. Larger exhibits can be promoted with press releases, which are then disseminated to local audiences. While smaller event exhibits can be advertised through door-to-door promotional methods such as postcards and flyers. Try to conserve costs during this process by looking for bulk deals on advertising products. You might also promote your work through social media, which can link you with a growing audience for your future events.

Set up the space effectively

On the event day, your work in setting up the room can be instrumental in ensuring the exhibit’s success. Make sure the pieces flow effectively and that visitors are directed as to how to view the work. Ensure that prices are clearly visible and that visitors can access event hosts to ask questions and learn more on your work. You might also consider adding directions at the entrance to the exhibit informing visitors on the event and any security protocols in place.

By following the guidance in this post, you can build the ideal exhibit for your work. To learn more on the event organizing process, speak with our trusted team today!