Which Medium Should I Choose For My Printed Image?

Occasionally looking at your digital memories and compositions on your device takes you down a path full of memories and nostalgia, but what’s even better is printing and displaying these moments in your home or to give as a gift. Depending on the style and characteristics of the image, you may want to choose a specific medium to enhance these, like canvas, acrylic, or metal.

Every printing medium Print Partner offers is of the highest archival standard, reproducing your digital work of art into a handcrafted and quality-inspected piece that is sure to amaze. Below are some tips on the style, feel, and presentation highlights of each material.


Our fine, satin canvas material and finish that we’ve perfected over time is classic and perfect for printing high-end artworks that come in hundreds of standard and custom sizes. Canvas is an ideal choice for a clean and traditional look, with no need for a decorative frame, as the material is smoothly stretched over a solid wooden structure for a borderless presentation. Portraits and digital paintings look lovely on canvas because there is no glare or reflection, and the colours stay true. They’re relatively lightweight and can be hung anywhere, regardless of light sources. Fine details are captured nicely on a canvas wrap with its sharp resolution and image clarity.

Our canvas prints have a 100% quality and colour assurance guarantee, and the pigments will not fade over time with proper care. Reproductions are printed onto 450 gsm heavy weight satin canvas cloth. Prints are hand-stretched over the Canadian kiln dried solid wood, and large prints are supported with a back-stretcher. If you’re looking for canvas prints in Canada we offer the finest selection.


A modern choice that presents brilliant images on a clean, light-refracting surface. Our acrylic prints are borderless and enrich images with true colours that are sure to stun with vibrancy. Details are crisp and the overall presentation has full dimension. Modern art, black & white photographs, digital art, and landscapes all look fantastic on this medium. Any image that you want to have outstanding colour and brightness will look great on acrylic. Portraits also look striking on this medium but you’ll want to be careful of glare.

Our online photo printing process for acrylic is called ‘facemount’ and each image is first printed onto high quality professional photographic paper with a metallic or gloss finish. It is then mounted onto framing grade acrylic with a protective UV coating. A recessed frame is used to hang, which gives the impression it is floating.


Our high quality metal prints are an innovative choice that uses our unique sublimation process to create. Rich pigments are infused right into the metal print itself, giving outstanding and accurate colour, clarity, and brilliance. Light reflects uniquely off metal and enhances the image’s colours, lights, and shadows. Precise details stand out with top resolution in the industry. Prints are also durable, long-lasting, are scratch-resistant, and won’t easily fade over time. Any style of image looks great printed onto metal and the results are astonishing. Black & white images look particularly stunning. Metal prints are made for luminous images with high dimension and atmosphere. Our metal prints come with a choice of glossy or matte finish.

If you need help to choose the right medium for your photograph or artwork, ask our knowledgeable Print Partner staff of photographers and artisans who are experts at reproducing digital images on the right medium.